- Arbitrary Arrangement

According to Law 4178/13, citizens who possess unauthorized constructions are allowed to retain their property by paying a single fine – which is clearly lower than what would be imposed by the City Planning Committee after an autopsy in the building – and in that way to ensure the suspension of sanctions and fines for 30 years, or even the definitive exemption from the demolition of unauthorized constructions, depending on the category they fall into.

Real estate Arbitrary Arrangement Athens Neos Kosmos

The new Law includes all unauthorized constructions that have been completed by 28/07/2011. Aerial photographs or pubic documents will be used to show the time of completion of the unauthorized construction.

Since the publication of the relevant law in the Government Gazette 08/08/2016, all property transfers must be accompanied by a legal declaration of the owner and a certificate by an engineer certifying that there are no unauthorized constructions in the property other than those that have been stated and regulated / settled.

For those unauthorized buildings that will not be settled as the law defines, the applicable provisions shall apply. That is, fines that will be multiplied and further to that the respective buildings will have to be demolished.

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